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This is a day like every other at the tavern, but a dwarf and an elf seems to be agitated around some card game.

Plays with 2 controllers (or a keyboard)

Controls : Press X (spacebar (P1),left arrow (P2)) to throw a card. Press A (E , Keypad 4 ) to activate a card’s power (some cards don’t have one) Press Y (A , Rctrl ) to switch your selected card in your hand use left joystick/cross (W/S , Keypad 8/5) to move your card within your hand up and down

Instructions : If a card is throwed, it will destroy enemy cards, both on field or in his hand, and itself. Shields can tank some damage, mirror reflects the card. Touching the player damages him. Hit 3 times to win. Some cards get some effects when activated with gamepad A

Card effects : Return to sender : gets enemy flying cards to go the opposite way Draw a card : draws 2 cards (i know …) Dog : orient him up or down for diagonal shots

Game realized within LD41 game jam by 7Fault team and collaborators

Special thanks : 

IndigoBlue for the music

Toulouse Game Dev association for the hosting


Punch Cards Win.zip 37 MB
Punch Cards - Source.zip 126 MB

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